In an Institute there are various sections and each section handles all student information and Institute database. These sections are linked with each other. Current System of Institute is having problems with interlinking and data repetition. To overcome these problems we present a fully *Free Online Education ERP System which is automated and centralized. This system has an easy user interface and has a powerful data management system which makes this system very useful with live activity tracking.

Eye catching details.

Shifting patterns can be analyzed simply and User Loyalty programs implemented if the right software is running.

Unique custom features.

Operating can be automated and management much better informed regarding the performance of particular lines or departments.

Awesome built-in modules.

All the advantage & required process are present.

Private & Public Tickets

Private tickets are just between you and your students, but Public tickets are like using your website —anyone can view and reply! This takes some of the support load off and places it into the hands of those that are willing to help.

Admity & Other gateway Integrations

Connect your Admity account to provide your students with a automatic solution to verify before they can submit a data. We also support mobile verifications.


Create an unlimited number of articles and assigned students to one or more categories—great for online education.

Institute Branded

Branding is important, which is why with Admity you can choose a custom domain URL, add your logo and customize the colors to match your brand for a seamless users & students which is why with Admity experience.

Live & Email Notifications

Stay in the loop. Email, sms, google push, system notifications are sent out for each new activity. The live on-site notifications panel will show these along with a new page.

Time-Saving Features

Speed is extremely important when it comes to huge database, which is why Ticksy boasts quick-loading pages, one-click access to important features and more. And for those super-users, there are even a few quick links.