The advantages of Admity serve everyone involved in the academic process: the administrators who oversee the institute operations, teachers, students, staff, Guardians who anxiously wait for the completed project and the staff which gets the processes up and running.

Admity provides a set of tools - a roadmap if you will, that enables institute administrators to smoothly run the institution and do so in a way that demonstrates efficiency, Free and ingenuity.

It is a lot easier to imagine what some of the benefits of institute management are. High volumes of data can be stored with the case. Maintenance of file is efficient and flexible. Records are always updated. Edition of Stored data and procedures can be easy. Reports can be generated with cases. Accurate and perfect calculations are made. Manpower is reduced.

Proper control

With the web-based school ERP all the administrative activities could be effectively managed due to real-time management of the data, and the regular up gradation make it easy for management to access any information or record any time.

No extra special hardware

It’s another phenomenal benefit that is, to use the web-based School ERP software, for installation of software apart for the access device no other installation on other devices so hardware interdependency is eliminated. So, no need for any special hardware for managing your ERP systems.


No installation

Apart from hardware education institution don’t need to install any other software too. Since everything is cloud-based and everything is available in the web using the login credentials, the operator can then begin feeding and fetching the data into school ERP software from any sources like computers, laptop, mobiles, tabs through an internet connection. Indeed, schools don’t need to take care of the server or any other traditional based cases that have to be installed on every machine.

Accessible from anywhere, anytime

This is one of the main and incredible school ERP benefits as it can be used from anywhere anytime you just need a device and internet connection and you can see, manage from any nooks and corners of the world.


Technology is everywhere

Education is witnessing unparalleled growth and students are increasingly using desktops and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the virtual classroom. There has been a transition in institute administration and the easy-to-use technology solution is doing wonders to face the challenges and improve the way institutes are managed.

Increase daily productivity

Admity helps administrators of institutes boost their productivity and reduce the time and effort required to manage institutes and accurately organize institute data.


Collaborate beyond classrooms

As a web and mobile-based interactive application, it connects institutes, students, and staff seamlessly to manage institute processes efficiently and reduce the workload drastically.

Save paper & reduce teacher workload

Institute Management solution is ahead of the curve, providing full automation of all the functions of institute administration and achieves the goal of paperless administration.


Connect multiple departments & campuses

IT enables institutes with excellent ways to systematically manage institutes in multiple locations. It is a simple and powerful solution that connects all departments and campuses in a single integrated platform.

Complete automation for smarter decisions

Admity helps in organizing various aspects of institute system including student, staff, admission, time table, examination, fees, reporting and so on. The system helps administrators to access, manage, and analyse data and processes for quick and well-informed decision-making.


High performance & better employee happiness

The need to optimize resources leading to a better allocation of staff leads to the incorporation of institute management solution. It is a complete solution that delivers unique and comprehensive institute management.

Deepen student learning with technology

More importantly, with Saabs-based technology, it provides scalability, customizations, and integrations to ensure that the institutes are managed with the most advanced capabilities.


Anywhere access right from your palm

Admity is a web and mobile-based application which features a centralized data storage structure which helps administrators, students, teachers and parents to access data from anywhere and anytime on iPhone and Android devices.

Save money & improve student engagement

Admity makes the work and functioning of institute processes extremely easy to save time and cut down the administrative costs and focus on improving student success


Zero costs

Our software brings ERP solutions to you at absolutely free.

Zero maintenance

Now there is no need for contacting Website designers to update your Website information. Our unique feature offers you an easy editor to update your institution’s information from any computer.


Flexible functionality and deployment

Our portals are simple enough for novice users, yet robust enough for power users. A scalable, standards-based platform means you can start small and roll out new features and functionality, as you are ready.

Easy User Interface (UI)

Adding and customizing content on your portal is easy thanks to an intuitive interface and the ability to integrate with external applications.


Personalized, role-based access

Providing single sign-on access to content in your portal based on the role is simple so you can ensure everyone can find what they need and only what they are authorized to see.

Best ROI of Any ERP

Admity’s functions are designed to be multi-user, allowing you to work simultaneously and independently of others. Modules and portals are completely integrated to unify user data, to eliminate the need for costly multiple systems and to automate administrative tasks.


Fastest and Easiest Implementation of Any ERP

Thanks to its parameter-driven, rule-based architecture, implementing Admity is quick and easy.

Easiest ERP to Learn and Use

Learning to use Admity is just as easy as learning an Internet browser. Admity uses the familiar point-and-click interface of today’s Web browsers to bring your data to your desktop. Navigation is clear and consistent, enabling all users to move throughout the system without retraining.


Empowers IT department

Admity runs on standard hardware and require no client maintenance, enabling your technology staff to spend time building the institution’s strategic capabilities, not troubleshooting desktop client software. Admity minimizes network traffic because, by design, data and data processing resides on the server. This architecture enables rapid deployment of system updates; easy hardware upgrades and better infrastructure use that frees up resources.

Works across Platforms

Designed as a browser-independent resource for communication and interaction, Admity enable students, faculty, administrators, and alumni to access live, up-to-date information and services 24/7.


Secure Data

Building a database is hard work. Admity secures it. Admity employs full data audit trails and role-based security, allowing users to manage access with a high degree of granularity— by the record, by course, by the student and by the object. Additionally, Admity uses secure socket layer— SSL — for communications and encryption.

Live support

24 / 7 dedicated support team assists customers with their technical questions or issues by emails, messages, calls & any supports.


Live Tracking

We bring a new system to watch students are in the classroom; this status can be a track on the Institute Website and guardian’s panel as well.

Online Fees Collection

Offline and online both system are available in Admity, But Admity only focusing on online payment fees collection module because it’s very convenient, easy, safe, time saver, zero workability from institute side and the payment will be directly deposited in an institute bank account. And admin can track entire payments live on our dashboard.


Digital Campus

Each every created data from admin will reflect on the Website and student panel. Like homework, exam, result, meeting, calls, sports, games, period status, attendance status, and much more.

Loyal Data Distribution

Admity provides a loyal data management system, from one module to another module, you don’t need to put again.


Single Panel to Operate All Modules

One single panel for creating, update, active inactive, & delete every module, like Website, journal Website, admission Website, student panel, mock test, and many more module can be operated by one single admin panel.

Free Subdomain & Server

Along with free Admity education ERP system we also provide lifetime free institute choice *subdomain on a various premium domain name we have, and for huge database and due to data security issue we provide dedicated web server for *lifetime free.


Quick Setup

Admity is a user base software, so for occupy this software you just need to fill up a short registration form and after verify you will get you admin panel URL with others Web site's URL and login user id, password on your register mobile no. and mail id.

Training & Demo Videos

All the modules training will be provided by us for one time and for any further help you can watch our demo video, FAQs, or you can raise query to us and we will give the solutions as soon as possible over phone calls, any desk live support, messages, email, and chat.


Activity History

In Admity, admin can see each and every table history, single data history, user panel activity history, and student panel activity history and also the user and student can see their activity details. The most amazing feature on Admity, admin can find every activity’s total record like who made this activity, with date time, mac id, IP address, etc…

Action System

Easy and simple way to data create, update, active, inactive, delete and find the history for each and every table and this action also very secure from admin permission management.


Never Lost Your Data

Your data are always safe with us, even you deleted any data. We never any delete any date from our database. Whenever you need any deleted data just let us know, we will restore it.

By implementing Admity, you will focus on improving the quality of education, reach desired academic goals within specific time and cost perimeters. The final outcome is that all the constituents-students, teachers, staff, administrators and parents comes out a winner - which just may be institute management's best benefit of all.